Hengaw : No information is available on the fate of one of the detainees in Mahabad.
Based on the report of the Human Rights Organization “Hengaw “, on Monday, 25th of September, Abdulrahman Ibrahimi, famous for Amir, was detained with dozens of other citizens of Mahabad by the security forces of this city.
After twenty days since the detention of this Kurdish citizen, and his continued family’s followup, there was still no information on the fate of Abdulrahman, and his whereabouts are still unknown.
A close friend of the Kurd prisoner said Abdul Rahman was born in September 1988, and in 2013, he was expelled from the university due to his civil and cultural activities and was deprived of his education.
After a referendum on independence for Kurdistan and holding public rally and joy in Mahabad, a number of citizens were arrested by security forces. Up to now, the identity of 14 of them has been established for the “Hengaw “.

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