Hengaw: Today, Human Rights website “Hengaw ” has spent a year, and it’s a pity that the site has been publishing hundreds of news related to human rights abuses in Kurdistan over the past year.
If we define the Kurdistan in terms of human rights, then it must undoubtedly be called “the geography of human rights abuses.”
For many years in this part of Kurdistan, there have been dozens of human rights violations everyday, but sorry for reasons that are deserving. Human rights violations have not been covered, and the “Hengaw ” site understands this vacuum to fill it over the year. You could take part of it. Good or bad activities for “Hengaw ” to the audiences. What is happening to us is to continue this way so that we can influence the improvement of the human rights situation in Kurdistan.ا
While the Human Rights website “Hengaw ” is independent and does not have any political and religious affiliation, it should be said that without the efforts and dedication of the Cordoba girls and boys, the life of this site was not reached for one year, and we could not fulfill our human duty To accomplish. That’s why, on the first anniversary of the beginning of the work of “Hengaw “, while thanking all those who, by sending news and reports to their colleague, have been the helper of the “Hengaw “, we demand that, along the way, the “Hengaw ” be a window on the bright horizon Human rights are recognized by the congregation and our partners and colleagues
On the first anniversary of the start of the “Hengaw “, we must say that the sad part of the Kurdistan media has used news and reports specific to this site without mentioning the source name, although this is beyond the rules of the journalism, but since ” Hence, “to make these sites more important for human rights abuses in Kurdistan, they were honored and honored by the” Hengaw “board of directors, and we will continue to step this path to eradicating human rights abuses in the Kurdistan.
Board of Directors of “Hengaw ” site

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