Hengaw: One of the detainees accused of supporting the holding of the Kurdistan referendum committed suicide at the Marivan Prison due to the persecution by security forces.
Based on the report of the Human Rights Watch, “Hengaw “, on the night of Thursday, 5th of October, one of the prisoners from Ilam was shot dead with a knife because of the persecution of security forces in Marivan prison.
The correspondent of “Hengaw ” in Marivan, announced that the Kurd prisoner, named Poya Javadi, is 25 years old.
Pouria was arrested by the security forces of Ilam and transferred to the prison of Marivan for support of the referendum on independence in Kurdistan.
The correspondent of Hengaw also added that the Kurd prisoner had been injured by a knife with several knuckles and is now in a special care center at a Marivan health center because of the persecution of the security forces of the Marivan Prison.
According to statistics recorded in the Hengaw Statistics Center, more than 700 Kurdish citizens were arrested by Iranian security forces following the Kurdistan Independence referendum. As many as 150 of them have been identified for “Hengaw “.

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