Hengaw: One of the Kurdish prisoners sentenced to death in Zahedan prison in the quarantine of Zahedan prison was on hunger strike.
According to a report from the Human Rights Organization of Hengaw, Abu Bakr Rostami, a Kurd prisoner from Kermashan (Kermanshah), on Monday, October 2nd, was transferred to solitary confinement in Zahedan prison for soliciting prisoners’ rights and complains of prison conditions to visiting authorities. And is currently on hunger strike.
Abu Bakr Rustami, 23 years old, son of Mohammad Taghi and resident of Kermanshah, a student of medical emergencies on 14 September 2015, was arrested by Pakistani security forces and handed over to Iran two days later.
And then this Kurd prisoner was convicted by the Iranian judiciary on charges of mohareb and acting on national security for 5 years imprisonment and execution.
Abu Bakr is now held for two years in the central prison of Zahedan, during which time he was deprived of the right to visit his family.

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