HENGAW : In the aftermath of the wave of arrest of Kurd citizens by Iran’s security forces, 3 another citizens from Mahabad has been arrested by these forces.
According to a report by the Human Rights Watch “Hengaw “, on
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 Iranian security forces arrested 3 citizens from the village of Kusa-Kahrizeh in Mahabad, and transferred them to an unknown location.
The identity of these citizen were detained for the “Hengaw ” correspondent as follows:
1 Wahid Sufi
2 Jamal Alavi
3 Sherzad Sargoli
These curity 3 citizens were arrested on charges of participating in public juries after holding a congressional meeting for the independence of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
In spite of the continued pursuit of the families of this citizen, there is still no information about their fate.
In the past 10 days, dozens of citizens of Kurd who were living in Mahabad have been arrested by security forces, and so far 10 of them have been identified for “Hengaw “.

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