Hangaw: The total number of those dead and injured in Sardasht is 6. Four out of the 6 injured have died due to the severity of their injuries and two others are in the ICU in the local hospital in Sardasht Kurdistan.

According to reports received by Hangaw, Mohammad Hamzazade, 22 from Mahabad is the latest deceased Kolbar.

In an earlier report, Hangaw made the identities of five of those killed and injured public.

Ali Mohammad Nizhad 18, Shirzad Abdullahi 27 and Hiwa Ebrahimi 22 are amongst the dead.

Mr. Nizhad and Mr. Abdullahi were both from Sardasht and Mr. Ebrahimi was from Bana.

Qasim Mahmoud Khidr 31 and Heidi Zahri 24 are the names of the two injured Kolbars.

Mr. Khidr and Mr. Zahri are both kept in ICU in the local Sardasht hospital.

These Kolbars amongst others were trapped in the snow in ‘Biwaran’ area outside of Sardasht and were rescued by the local people.

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